Capturing Videos and Screenshots

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Capturing Videos and Screenshots

Post  Dalags on Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:17 am

To capture ingame screenshots and videos, I use a program called Fraps.
You can get the free version from, this allows you to capture 30 seconds of videos and .BMP screenshots.
The full version allows for much more, you can get that here: download/0gqzhnpehysxpds/

To make a video for Heat, at the end of each race, save the replay, then when you're wanting to make the video, load up Fraps, then ingame go to Options, Replay, and load the replay you saved.
Press the Fraps hotkey to record video.
Then all you have to do is load the video files up in Movie Maker, Vegas, or whatever other software you use!

For screenshots, it's the same, except you just press the hotkey for screenshots.
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