Pre'85's and Modern Unlimiteds

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Pre'85's and Modern Unlimiteds

Post  Dalags on Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:43 pm

Pre 1985's
It's easiest to list what isn't allowed, since everything else is okay.
No: Lexus's, Mk3 Granada's/Scorpio's, Supra's, W140/W208/210 Merc's, Omega's, XJ40's, X300's, Mk10Thunderbird's, 96Chevy's, Espace's, or Previa's.
Any other Unlimited is fine to use.

Modern Unlimiteds
What counts as modern is open to interpretation ofcourse, but the list I tend to stick with is:
Any Lexus
Any Supra
Any XJ Jaguar
Mercedes W140/W208/W210
Mk3 Granadas/Scorpios
Omegas, Mk10 Thunderbird, 96CevyC
Volvo 200/700 series

Stuff like DS420's and FX4 Taxis carried on production till the 90's, so I suppose you could include them on the modern car list if you wanted to spice things up, but they don't make my list since they also fit onto the Pre'70 car list! Some other list variations I've seen have included Patrols and Towncars but they're not really what I'd class as modern either, so they don't make my list either.

Some production years:
mk3 granny 85
mk3 supra 86
mk5 scorpios 94
w140 91
omega 94
previa 90
espace 91
xj40 86
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