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Post  Dalags on Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:07 pm

Austin A35 - A35
Austin A40 - A40
Austin A50 - BA50
Austin A55 Fintail - A55Fintail
Austin A55 Van - A55V
Austin A60 (Newer) - A60Sal
Austin A60 Estate (Newer) - A60Est
Austin A60 Camper - A60Camper
Austin A60 Hearse (New) - A60H1
MG Magnette - BMagnette
Morris Oxford - OxfordS
Morris Oxford Estate A60 - OxfordE
Peugeot404 - Pug404
Riley 4/72 - Riley472
Wolseley 16/60 - Wols1660

Peugeot404 has been slowed, so it's suitable to use with these.
Believe TNB allows a few other small classics out at the A60 Amble meeting, so those would be down to admin discretion; but the ones listed above are the ones allowed for 'core' A60 meetings
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