Forum soon to be 'open' for registration

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Forum soon to be 'open' for registration

Post  Dalags on Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:44 am

As you've probably seen, the car modelling tutorial threads have been put into their own section recently - this is how the tutorial will be distributed, so that means i'll be allowing registrations for the first time.

However by default new accounts will only be able to view the car creation section and the help/questions section were they can ask for any help.
You might've noticed you got an email saying you were moved to 'group 2' on this forum, that just means you can access every section of the forum that's all.

Hopefully this gets a few interested in modelling/modding heat, the fact they'll be able to ask for help here away from most goons on ovalchat will enhance progress i hope
If anyone gets good at modding Heat then i'll upgrade them to 'group 2' so they can see the hidden sections
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